pop-up is just the beginning.

popup masters runs a 60,000 square-foot creative powerhouse that redefines what pop-up is and, ultimately, what it can do for your brand.

  • Pop-Ups for Venues & Special Events
  • Temporary Custom Retail Solutions
  • Rental Services: Fixtures, Displays, Merchandising, Props & More
  • Permanent Store Fittings
  • Immersive Environments
  • Residential Furnishings

Here are PopUp Masters, we seek to ally compelling visual merchandising with stunning design, proficient fabrication, superb construction, and more. These are all-in-one collaborative retail projects backed by our vast resources at your fingertips.

Regardless of your venture’s scale and scope, we will build your ideas into a comprehensive retail experience and run it from the ground up. All you need is the merchandise.

in New York City, the sky is the limit.

Nothing is outside the realm of possibility.