pop-up is just the beginning.

Nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

popup masters runs a 60,000 square-foot creative powerhouse that redefines what pop-up is and, ultimately, what it can do for your brand.

  • Pop-Ups for Venues & Special Events
  • Temporary Custom Retail Solutions
  • Rental Services: Fixtures, Displays, Merchandising, Props & More
  • Permanent Store Fittings
  • Immersive Environments
  • Residential Furnishings

EXPLORE OUR CATALOG below FOR An extensive LIST OF RENTALS TO enliven your next pop-up:

    Here are PopUp Masters, we seek to ally compelling visual merchandising with stunning design, proficient fabrication, superb construction, and more. These are all-in-one collaborative retail projects backed by our vast resources at your fingertips.

    Regardless of your venture’s scale and scope, we will build your ideas into a comprehensive retail experience and run it from the ground up. All you need is the merchandise.

    in New York City, the sky is the limit.