Experiential Retail//Immersive Settings

Experiential retail is the future.

PopUp Masters had the privilege of designing and fabricating the formation of Arcadia Earth’s massive installation in New York City. Arcadia Earth (arcadia.earth) is a “large scale multi-sensorial journey through underwater worlds, fantasy lands, and inspirational art installations”. See more photos from this project below…

As a result of our ever changing environment and its marketplace, consumer-centric brands are needing to radically adapt. The retail industry is entering into a new era where the customers no longer shop; they participate and interact with your brand in authentic ways that elevate traditional space into an omni-channel tour de force.

Imagine what an idea could become if you had access to our agency’s resources. PopUp Masters has the capacity to enliven your idea and creatively fuel its potential.

PopUp Masters’ team of draftsman, architects, designers, and custom fabricators will skillfully develop and execute these experiences for your brand in multifaceted ways. Custom projects of this nature will reflect a deeper understanding of your consumer, who in turn will have a deeper understanding of your brand. This dialog between the consumer and your brand will not only invigorate your sales, but also maximize customer retention.


The appealing memories that are formed as “users” cooperate with your brand in a contemporary and creative atmosphere that will ultimately create a deeper attachment to your brand.

A portfolio of images from our work with Turner/HBO based in Hudson Yards, NYC.